Why Professionals Should Inspect Air Conditioning in New Canaan Homes

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Even if your air conditioner seems to be working well, it could have a surprising number of problems that might eventually cost you time and money. The wise thing to do is have the system inspected by experts, such as the technicians at Sound Energy. Professionals who specialize in Air Conditioning in New Canaan can provide benefits that include:

1. A HEATING SYSTEM REVIEW: While they are inspecting Air Conditioning in New Canaan homes, technicians can also evaluate your home’s furnace, heat pump, or boiler. They will also inspect and repair radiant floor heating and other systems. Professionals can often prevent cold-weather breakdowns by tuning up heating systems, or by making minor repairs.

2. IMPROVED AIR QUALITY: Modern homes are very well insulated, which means that they trap pollutants, as well as heated or cooled air. Over time irritants, such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold, can build up and begin to circulate throughout your home. When HVAC experts inspect Air Conditioning in New Canaan homes, they can also measure air quality. If they find a problem that could affect your health, they will recommend solutions. These may include humidifiers, HEPA filters, duct cleaning, and more.

3. ENERGY CONSERVATION: HVAC technicians can spot problems that cause you to use excess energy. These issues, which can run up your utility bills, may be caused by an older, inefficient, or broken system. Experts may be able to improve efficiency by cleaning your air conditioner, or making repairs. If the best solution is a replacement unit, they will explain how much money you will save with a new, energy-efficient unit. Technicians will also advise you of any rebates or discounts that add further savings, and explain how to get energy tax credits.

4. MAINTENANCE: Air conditioning professionals can set up a regular maintenance schedule that ensures your system is always working at peak efficiency. This may include a service contract that also saves you money.

Regular professional service ensures that your air conditioning system stays efficient. When HVAC professionals inspect your unit, they can also evaluate your heating system, measure home air quality, and show you how to save money and energy.


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