Why Hire Drapery Cleaners in DC

Most things that are made of fabric today are machine washable. Alas, most is not the same as all. There are still a few items that need professional cleaning even in this day and age. Draperies are some of those items.

One of the reasons drapes need professional cleaning is that they are so big. It’d be a huge job to pull them all down and then try to jam them into a washing machine. Even if they washed up well, getting them back out while they were still wet would be a hard job. Not only that, throwing them in a dryer could result in them becoming misshapen. After they’re cleaned, the job isn’t over. If the drapes have become wrinkled, they will need to be ironed. Trying to iron such large sheets of fabric would take hours – if you had a space big enough to do it in at all.

The other big reason to hire Drapery Cleaners DC is the fact that most fabric used for drapes is simply not machine washable. It might be too stretchy or delicate to handle the rigors of machine agitation. Some fabrics also can’t tolerate water or normal washing detergent no matter what.

In these cases, your drapes will need to be professionally cleaned. Drapery cleaning services can come to your house to take down your drapes and bring them to their location. Sometimes, they can even clean them right at your own place. The service will know exactly what kind of cleaning method to use to bring the draperies back to a perfect appearance without damaging the fabric.

Even if the drapes say they are machine washable, it would, as already discussed, be a huge job to do it with even one large set of window treatments. It can be well worth it to hire Drapery Cleaners DC to avoid all this labor. Their industrial scale equipment and ironing machines can make short work of what would otherwise be a giant laundry project.

Whether your drapes can be washed like clothes or they need to be dry cleaned, call a service in the Washington, DC area to get the job done quickly and easily. Your drapes will look beautiful again, and you won’t have to do any backbreaking work.

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