Why every premises should have a top-quality burglar alarm fitted

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Security System

Unfortunately there are many people in the world that look to earn a living by unscrupulous means, and this includes burgling homes and businesses. Though there are many simple steps you can take to secure your home and reduce your chances of getting burgled, criminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to break into buildings. Fitting your doors and windows with high-quality locks is undoubtedly a wise thing to do, but it does not make your premises impenetrable. In the event that burglars do find their way into your premises, you need to be sure you have a burglar alarm in Gatwick fitted as a fail-safe security mechanism. Burglar alarms will immediately go off and scare the burglars, forcing them to flee from the premises before the arrival of the police. Due to great advances in technology, there are many kinds of burglar alarms that you can have fitted. Some are capable of instantly alerting a security firm of a break-in – this allows the police to be notified immediately. Others are able to alert you yourself when it is going off, allowing you to take the appropriate action. What is clear is that you shouldn’t simply rely on the locks of your doors and windows to prevent thieves – if they do find entry then having a burglar alarm fitted will prevent the thieves from having much time within your premises. Continue reading below to discover more about why your premises should always be fitted with a burglar alarm.

Forces thieves to flee the premises almost immediately

Most burglars are not willing to take the chance of being caught by sticking around for too long. As soon as your burglar alarm goes off, the thieves are likely to flee in fear of being caught. This gives them little to no time at all within your premises to take your goods, saving you a lot of money and hassle. Some criminals need only minutes to perform their burglary – with a burglar alarm going off immediately, they do not even have the required time to take anything from you.

Locks and security mechanisms are not impenetrable

Even though you may have invested in the latest locks, thieves are also advancing their means and may be able to break through yours. Though it is highly recommended that you do secure your premises with superior lock systems, this does not completely guarantee your safety. Some thieves may have sophisticated lock-picking devices, while others may use sheer brute force to gain entry to your premises. In the event that does occur, a Sapphire Security provides an extra layer of security, immediately sounding an alarm and forcing the thieves to flee.


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