Why Choose Assisted Living in Farmington, CT?

Family members who do not live close to elderly loved ones often worry about them. Even alert, healthy seniors may need occasional help. Assisted Living in Farmington, CT is the answer for many. Experts, such as the dedicated staff at Shady Oaks Assisted Living, offer life-enhancing advantages that include:

  • 24/7 HELP: Families may choose assisted living for the elderly when they can longer offer needed assistance. This may be because because seniors have medical conditions. Assisted Living in Farmington, CT can help create a better quality of life for residents, whether they need careful medical monitoring, or just the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is near. Regimens are custom-designed for each resident, to ensure that they receive exactly the care they need, but still remain as independent as possible. In addition, before making a decision, families and seniors can log into the facility’s website, at domain URL, and view a list of services and benefits. There they can view photos of rooms, the grounds, and more.
  • WELLNESS CARE: The staff at a Shady Oaks Assisted Living facility includes a licensed nurse. Residents are offered medication monitoring, 24/7 health care assistance, adult day care, personalized therapy, and exercise and fitness options. They also receive help with daily living needs. Trained staff offer wound, Diabetic, and behaviour management. Seniors receive rehabilitation and restorative therapy, as well as memory loss life skills assistance.
  • AMENITIES: Many seniors thrive in an assisted living facility because it offers a lively social setting. They can meet friends in the TV lounge, enjoy the barber/beauty salon services, and participate in planned activities and social events. Residents have the option to spend time on covered porches, where they can enjoy the beautiful grounds. They also benefit from the luxury of daily housekeeping services.
  • COMMUNITY DINING: Residents are served three well-balanced meals a day, and have the option of eating in a friendly, lively community dining area. They are also offered a daily coffee hour, and theme menus on special occasions and holidays.

Whether seniors need constant care or just a little help with daily living, they can get what they need at a quality assisted living community. These residences provide a cheerful, lively environment, community events and dining, and 24/7 access to medical or personal help.

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