Why Bone Regeneration is so Importation Concerning Dental Implants in Cape Girardeau, MO

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Dentist

Oral health is more important than ever. Even though the advancements of dental technology has given society a “way out” if they get into dental trouble, dentists still stress that preventative dentistry is the best way to stay out of the dental clinic. With periodontics, orthodontics, and general dentistry going strong, it is up to cosmetic dentists to improve smiles on a number of levels. Dental Implants in Cape Girardeau, MO is just one of those levels.

Bone regeneration in dental implant placement

It is essential to diagnose treatment concerning dental implant placement. Dentists must ensure that there is sufficient bone quality and quantity to support the titanium root. A normal amount for these cases is 10 mm high and 5 mm thick. When these conditions are not met, you can use various techniques, which allow dentists to recover lost bone mass due to loss of teeth, periodontal diseases or trauma.

The techniques developed can be summarized as bone grafts or bone regeneration. And for that, technology has developed a wide range of materials and methods that promote the rapid growth of the jaw bone. This will healthily, and sufficiently, give you an efficient solution for the placement of dental implants. Currently, bone regeneration is performed through osteo-induction, or by stimulating osteogenesis.

Bone regeneration and dental implants

When there is insufficient bone quantity and quality to withstand the root of osseointegrated titanium dental implants, it is necessary to resort to bone regeneration. Several techniques are used in bone regeneration effectiveness, which are divided into: bone regeneration and bone grafts. Both of these promote the rapid growth of the maxilla, sufficiently providing quality and quantity for the placement of the implants. Without these two regenerative techniques, many patients would not be able to receive dental implants in Cape Girardeau MO.

Causes of lack of bone

Natural teeth and jaws are supported by the pillars supporting the bone around the roots. It seems redundant, but that is the way it is. Consider it a circular process; the bone holds the tooth, and in turn, fulfills this function. The root needs sufficient bone in order to keep it safe, so does the root of dental implants that replace the natural root.

It is important to keep your mouth healthy. This means properly caring for your teeth and gums by brushing every day and scheduling regular cleanings. For more information, contact Kaelin Dental Group today.

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