Why Attend Any Of The NYC Business Colleges?

High school leavers and others wishing to undertake further education in the field of business studies might all desire to go to Harvard Business School where they can obtain an MBA after studying such subjects as general management; accounting and management; Government and the international economy; finance; marketing; entrepreneurial management and organizational behavior; plus a choice of several others. Graduates from Harvard and the other prestigious business schools know that they can expect to join an organization of their choice and, to some extent on their own terms.

But; We Can’t All Go To Harvard

Even if we could all pass the stringent entry requirements there are two inter-related reasons why we choose not to; one is money and the other is time restraint. However, this does not mean that we have to give up all hopes of a career in business. We could opt for a less prestigious university and lower our aim to simply graduating with an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Never Give Up Hope

Unfortunately, this still leaves a large number of people with good business potential unable to afford the further education required to release their full potential. Anyone who graduated high school or has an equivalent diploma can gain entrance to one of the NYC Business Colleges where they can earn the credits needed for a business related associate degree. This is the lowest in the hierarchy of post-secondary academic degrees and, since it usually requires some 60 semester credit hours of schooling; it can be obtained considerably quicker than the 4 years or so required to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Another advantage of the associate degree is that the fees charged at many of the NYC Business Colleges are considerably lower than those at full university style schools and colleges. Additionally, there would be no residence costs for most New Yorkers and many of the courses may be taken on a part time basis to allow students to remain in employment while studying.

Even if the associate degree courses are not suitable for an individual’s needs; hopes for securing better employment through additional study need not be dashed. These NYC Business Colleges also allow students to study for various certificate programs that lead to licensing for certain job functions and can provide a good entry level position for someone seeking better career potential.

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