Why Arborists With a Tree Service in Spokane Prefer to Prune During the Winter

When calling for Tree Service in Spokane, the person may be surprised to hear that arborists prefer not to do trimming and pruning at certain times of the year. In fact, depending on the species, pruning outside of specific seasons has the potential to seriously damage the tree. That’s one reason it’s better to have knowledgeable service technicians handling the pruning instead of the property owner spontaneously deciding to do a little branch cutting.

Oak Wilt

Oaks are prime examples of trees that can be harmed by cutting branches in spring, summer, or fall. Arborists with a Tree Service in Spokane prefer to prune oaks during colder months to prevent the spread of a disease called oak wilt. Sap flows from wounds left on the tree after cutting. This is a natural process, and arborists generally do not seal the areas. Trees can heal on their own, and applying sealant disrupts this process.

However, beetles and other bugs are attracted to the sap. Beetles can spread a fungal disease known as oak wilt, which infects the tree through the open wound and gradually kills it. Since beetles are not out during very cold weather, that’s the season to trim oaks. The area must be healed before warm weather arrives, so tree service technicians will not want to prune oaks as spring approaches.

An Exception

The exception is if storms during other times of the year have broken any branches that should then be removed. Tree service technicians add sealant in this case to stop the sap from flowing. Beetles won’t come to the tree, and no infection will develop.

Pruning Other Species

Certain other species also should only be pruned in the winter. Elms, honey locust and sycamore trees are vulnerable to fungal infections during warm weather. Many other varieties, such as maples and beech trees, can be pruned during any season with no problems. However, arborists like to trim in winter because they have a clearer view of branches and the tree structure after the leaves have fallen. Anyone who needs this type of work done may Contact Spokane Pro Care to schedule an appointment.

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