Where to Get a Children’s Flu Shot in Starkville, MS

There are many reasons to get children their flu shots. Young children are more likely than adults are to need hospitalization or medical care because of the flu. According to Centers for Disease Control, 20,000 children in the United States under the age of 5 are hospitalized every year because of the flu. Children whose respiratory systems are compromised, such as with asthma, are at an even higher risk.

Children will obviously disagree with their parents, and the experts, about needing a flu shot. For them, the fear of the pain the shot may cause is much more overwhelming than their concern about the flu. Because it needs to be done whether they like it or not, you need to take them where they can at least get the most fun, child-oriented care possible.

To get a children’s flu shot in Starkville, MS make an appointment at the Children’s Health Center of Columbus Inc. The Health Center is run by a board of Pediatricians who are committed to complete, effective healthcare for children. They believe this type of care can, and should be performed in an atmosphere of care and compassion.

Their services include much more than flu shots. They have asthma and allergy services, primary care services and neonatal care. They specialize in respiratory illnesses, behavioral and developmental issues and much more.

For children with weight or diabetic problems, they have programs which are a part of their “Healthier You” Clinics. These include weight management instruction, glucose and metabolic testing and fitness testing.

Their clinic accepts patients for their pediatrics department from newborn up to age 21. They are also a family medicine clinic which provide care for patients 21 and up as well.

The Children’s Health Center is happily accepting new patients, so make your appointment today to get a Children’s Flu Shot in Starkville, MS. You can set up an appointment on the phone or online. If you go through their website there is a lot of information about what to expect and what to bring on your first appointment.

Their website also include a lot of health information including a symptom checker and plenty of health related tips and articles.

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