Where To Find Divorce Attorneys in Hartford, WI

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Lawyer

A divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through, and it is even worse if it is not on good terms. During a divorce, a lot of things have to be considered. Divorce attorneys Hartford, WI can help you pursue your desired outcome. There are several types of divorce; these are:

* Contested divorce: This type of divorce requires that some issues be heard by a judge at trial level.

* At-fault divorce: Before 1960, all divorces required proof that one of the people was responsible for the divorce because of their actions. This type of divorce still exists, but proof is no longer a must.

* No-fault divorce: This is a type of divorce that does not require it to be somebody’s fault.

* Summary divorce: This is also known as a simple divorce because the couple agrees on key issues beforehand. For this type of divorce, some requirements have to be met including less than five years married, no children, minimal property, marital property is under a value threshold, and each spouse’s property is under a threshold.

* There are several other types of divorce, but it is up to the couple to decide which type to pursue.

Law firms such as Hetzel & Nelson LLC have over 30 years combined experience and offer a wide range of practice areas. They are a group of lawyers who share ideas and methods to help their clients get what they are after. On their website, you will find photos of their offices and videos from each of their practice areas. Such lawyers can help you in all areas of divorce; this includes helping you with custody, splitting of finances, and many other things.

When talking to divorce attorneys Hartford, WI, make sure you make your wishes clear so that the lawyer can prepare him or herself. You should also be truthful with them as it will help them construct an action plan that will give you the best chances of winning and prepare arguments and responses for anything brought up by the other side. Attorneys are working for your best interests.

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