When You Should You Use Drain Cleaning in Baltimore Services

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Plumbing

It has happened to plenty of us-: we take a shower only to end up with our ankles deep in the murkiest of waters. Or perhaps, when brushing our teeth, the sink decide it does not want to drain. The fact is, we have probably all been there, and there is nothing pleasant about dealing with blocked pipes or clogged drains. However, there are solutions available that allow us to alleviate these issues in no time at all. Whether you decide to repair the issue yourself or call your local professional specializing in Drain Cleaning in Baltimore, the point is that you want the problem fixed fast.

The DIY approach

Grease to hair to dirt. Many blockages and clogs can be resolved very easily at home. DIY techniques are all the rage these days, especially if you are good with your hands (and a computer). Soft blockages are the best to clear up because they are closest to the drain’s surface. However, it is best if you know what is exactly blocking the drain. This kind of information could save you plenty of time and money.

Corrosive drain cleaners

Most people reach for drain cleaners when a clog appears. Sometimes, this is not the best solution. A number of these cleaners use corrosive chemicals when trying to power through even the softest of clogs. Most are concentrated with liquid potassium hydroxide, lye or bleach. Some have components that mix when they are poured together, forming a gas inside the drain (looks like a foam). This foam coats the inside of the pipe, in turn removing whatever was blocking the drain.

Chemical cleaners are convenient -; just pour, wait and rinse with water. There is a downside, though. These types of cleaners are ineffective on difficult clogs, and even further unproductive on blockages down the pipe. Even worse, if these products come into contact with the eyes, skin, etc. it could be potentially harmfully, and possibly fatal.

When to contact the professionals

There are times when calling a plumber is the right thing to do. Here are a few reasons to call a professional:

* Thick blockages;

* Invasive root growths;

* Persistent clogs that do not respond to DIY treatments; and/or

* Clogged sewer pipes.

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