When To Consider A Predominant Use Study In Wisconsin

Throughout the United States, each state offers a full or partial reduction on qualifying utility use for companies in the manufacturing, processing, and fabrication industries, as well as other qualifying businesses.

To obtain this exemption and to apply for a refund of any past utility sales tax payments up to the limit set by the state, each business must complete a predominant use study. A predominant use study in Wisconsin is required to determine the percentage of use of the utility, per meter, to obtain a future exemption and a past refund. In Wisconsin, the refund is limited to the past 48 months before the predominant use study.

Current Manufacturing, Processing, Production, and Other Qualifying Uses

If you have a currently active qualifying business in the state, ordering a study is a simple way to obtain the required documentation to submit your request for exemption. It is also necessary to apply for a refund, which can be substantial for most companies.

New Building or Facility

Opening a new building or facility is another time to plan a predominant use study. These studies can be completed when the facility is in operation without any disruption to your business.

Reconfiguration of Exiting Processes

Changing processes and configuration of the systems in the facility can result in changes to use at each meter. Ordering another study ensures you are maximizing your exemptions and refunds.

New Meters

Adding a new meter or meters to the building or the property is another time to order a study. Remember, these studies are done on a per-meter basis so that any changes will have an impact.

For assistance with a predominant use study in Wisconsin, talk to the team at B. Riley Financial.

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