When to Call in the Ice Maker Repair Specialists in Glendale

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Electrical

One of the nicest luxuries about many modern refrigerators is their ability to provide ice on demand. No longer do people have to go through the mess of trying to fill ice cube trays at the sink and get them into the freezer without spilling anything. Now, all they have to do is push a button on the door of the refrigerator, and the cubes spill out directly into a glass or a pitcher.

Unfortunately, like anything mechanical, these can have trouble and not always work properly. This is when it is time to call in the specialists in ice maker repair in Glendale. Owners can do their own troubleshooting, but repairs should always be done by professionals. Some things that will require repair include:

     *     No Ice -; If the unit is turned on but not making anything, the first thing to do is see if there is any water inside. If there is no water, there will be no ice. The tube that delivers the water may be frozen, and it can be thawed out with a hair dryer. If these are not what is causing the problem, it’s time to call in the experts in ice maker repair in Glendale.

     *    Foul Taste -; When the ice tastes funny, it may be that the storage bin is dirty and needs to be cleaned along with the water filter. If the filter is really dirty, it will need to be replaced. If the unit is commercial grade, scale buildup needs to be removed regularly, and this is something that can be done by the experts in Ice Maker Repair In Glendale.

     *    Slow Working -; If the machine doesn’t seem to be working quickly enough, it may be that there are leaks in either the dump valve, the float valve, and/or the flat solenoid. Check to be sure the machine has enough water, and that it is level.

When they are working properly, these machines are great to have in homes and in businesses. When problems arise, don’t wait to call in an ice maker repair in Glendale specialist to make sure the machine is working properly when it is really needed.


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