What You Should Know About Workers Compensation Insurance in Nassau County, NY

If you are injured while working on the job, you can learn more about receiving benefits through insurance. An employer’s coverage pays for an injured worker’s medical care if he or she should get injured on the job. However, some workers are not covered under this type of claim, including federal employees, volunteers, or members of the clergy.

Covering Injuries That Happen at Work

When learning about workers compensation insurance in Nassau County, NY, you need to see what injuries are covered and what to do if you get injured. All work injuries that happen during a work day are usually covered under this type of policy. In New York, some occupational diseases can be compensated as well, such as hearing loss or asbestosis.

Workers compensation insurance in Nassau County, NY covers industrial injuries such as sprains, cuts, amputations, and bone fractures. If your injury needs more than basic first aid and it occurred while you were working, you generally will file a worker’s compensation claim.

Claimants and Employers Need to Know How to Deal with Workplace Injuries

The above information about workers compensation insurance is helpful to know whether you are the claimant or the employer. Regardless of your role, you need to know what steps are followed if someone gets injured in the workplace. To report a workers compensation claim, an employer should provide an employee with a specific form to complete, called a Form C-3. This special form begins the workers compensation process.

Workers compensation insurance is designed so an employer can stay compliant with the legislative rules governing injuries in the workplace. If an employee submits a worker’s compensation claim, his or her benefits usually begin immediately. The insurance carrier pays the medical costs for treatment that is related to the industrial injury or occupational disease.

Learn More About the Protection Online

You can learn more about this special type of insurance when you contact us online. Learn all you can about your rights in this respect whether you are an employer or an employee needing to submit a claim. If the workplace injury leads to a permanent disability, he or she may be entitled to an additional award. Workplace deaths are also covered by this type or protection.

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