What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds

What You Need to Know About Bail BondsBail is the amount of money paid to the court to release an accused person temporarily from jail awaiting trial. Bail New Haven is paid to ensure that the accused person appears in court for the hearing. There are different bail options such as corporate surety bonds, property bonds and cash bonds. Corporate surety bonds are usually paid by a bail company. Such companies require the accused person to pay a certain percentage of the bond, while the other amount is paid by the bail company. 24 / 7 Bail Bonds LLC is a renowned bail company in New Haven that provides timely and reliable bonding services in the area.

An accused person with no liquid cash to pay for bail can declare part of his/her assets as collateral. Some of the personal items which can be declared as bail include jewelry, cars, bank accounts, credit cards and other items which are acceptable to the court. The payment of cash bonds is not a popular option as many people are not able to pay for bail in cash. This is where 24/7 bail bonds LLC comes in to help you pay your bail. Bail fees vary from one place to another. Many bail companies charge a fee of between eight and fifteen percent of the amount agreed upon by the court as bail.

If a person fails to appear in court, you will lose the items you have declared as collateral for you to appear for the hearing. A licensed agent will notify the accused in writing that he/she failed to appear in court as scheduled, and the court will now proceed to recover the items if the accused does not appear in court within a certain period of time. A cash bail is usually returned to the accused once the case is resolved by the court.

Premiums for bail bonds are non-refundable. The premium is usually paid to the bail company for the services rendered. For more information on Bail New Haven companies, visit the 24/7 bail bonds LLC or check their website to learn more on Bail New Haven options.

Bad things can often happen to good hardworking people. If you find yourself in trouble with the law, then you will need the help of a professional bail bondsman. For more info visit 247bailbondsct.com/.

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