What Will a South Milwaukee Trucking Accident Lawyer Do for You?

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Lawyers

It is important to learn how to prevent accidents with semi-trucks in Wisconsin. These accidents have devastating consequences and they may cause injuries or fatalities. However, accidents are not always preventable and can occur at any time. You need to call a South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible. How can this attorney help?

Say the Right Things on the First Phone Call with the Insurer

Immediately after the accident, the truck’s insurer will want to talk to you and get a recording that can be used against you. At this moment you are very shaken and you may admit fault. Do not make the call before talking to your lawyer. A personal injury attorney will guide you on what to say so as not to implicate yourself.

Collect Evidence

You need to prove your case beyond doubt so as to get compensated for injuries acquired during a truck accident. The black box is particularly very important because it contains vital information. The speed at which the truck was driving, force of impact and brake patterns are some useful pieces of information contained in the black box. An experienced South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer knows how to secure this and other forms of evidence. You will also learn a thing or two on how to prevent accidents with Semi-Trucks in Wisconsin.

Get Compensation

You deserve to be compensated for all losses incurred due to a truck accident including property and personal injuries. However, insurance companies do not readily give compensation. You need to negotiate properly. A lawyer can help you do this successfully and even file a lawsuit if a need arises.

There are many ways a South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer can help you. Where can you find a reliable one? Connect with the best personal injury lawyers of Martin Law Office, S.C.

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