What to Look For When You are Trying to Find Exterminators In DelRay Beach

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Pest Control

If you live in Delray Beach, Florida, you know that the area’s lush vegetation attracts pests that can damage your home, lawn, trees, and shrubs. That means that, at some point, you will need expert pest control. When you are trying Find Exterminators In DelRay Beach, it is important to choose businesses that offer the following:

  • TREE, SHRUB, AND LAWN CARE: Professionals, such as Bates Exterminating, offer landscape and ornamental tree services, as well as complete lawn care. They will provide lawn pest control, aeration, and soil testing. Technicians can spray and fertilize your property. They will also provide treatments to control fungus and disease.
  • GENERAL PEST CONTROL: You should try to Find Exterminators In DelRay Beach that offer full-service pest control services. These should include rodent control and animal trapping. Quality professionals use humane methods to trap possums, raccoon, and other animal invaders. Quality technicians are also able to control ghost, white-footed, and Caribbian crazy ants. They can safely and efficiently remove wasps, honey bees, and Africanized honey bees. In addition, exterminators will remove the roaches, spiders, fleas, and ticks that are so common to South Florida. During treatments experts ensure that your family, pets, and property are kept safe.
  • TERMITE CONTROL: Florida homeowners often do not realize that termites have invaded their homes until they see the damage. However, professionals such as Bates Exterminating, will quickly spot signs of subterranean, drywood, or Formosan termites. Exterminators use techniques that attack the problem at its source. They will offer a variety of solutions, which include tent and no-tent fumigation options.
  • BED BUG REMOVAL: Bed bugs are hard to see, reproduce quickly, and travel well. They can enter your home in used furniture or clothing, or come home in your suitcase when you travel to other countries. There was once a time when a bed bug infestation meant throwing away most of your belongings, and then cleaning your home thoroughly – sometimes more than once. Today insect-control experts can find every trace of the bugs, who live in mattresses, baseboards, bedframes, under furniture, and other areas. Exterminators will tailor a solution to your situation. This may involve several treatments, to completely remove all adults and eggs.

South Florida is host to hundreds of insects and animals, and many are attracted to your Delray Beach property. However, local exterminators can remove pests that invade your home. Technicians can also keep your lawn, trees, and shrubs healthy.

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