What To Look For In A Wire Harness Supplier

Making the decision to outsource wire harness and cable assembly to a specialized company, or a company already making parts or components for the OEM, is a smart business strategy. However, not all companies providing wire harnesses and cable assemblies are a good match for every business. Taking the time to review what the experienced wire harness supplier can provide for your business helps to narrow down the choices to the optimal supplier for your needs.

Industry Specialization

While there are similarities in all types of wiring systems across all industries, working with a wire harness supplier with specific industry experience related to the focus for the OEM is always an advantage.

When the supplier has worked on similar projects, issues such as troubleshooting, compliance, and other similar factors are streamlined, allowing the OEM to take advantage of this expertise.

Production Capacity

Not all suppliers for wire harness are designed for either high volume or low volume production. Some companies, particularly those located outside of the USA, may have extremely high minimum volume order requirements. On the flip side, some of the smaller US-based companies may not be designed to handle the rapid ramp ups in production or higher volume orders, and they tend to specialize in low to medium volume production.

Quality Control

Any wire harness supplier should have a stated and fully implemented quality control system throughout production. This may include ISO 9001 certification as well as industry-specific certifications.

This commitment to quality control is essential for all components in a system, including wire harness and cable assemblies.

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