What to Look For in a Child Custody Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA

Though it is never intended, children often become victims in their parents’ divorce. Child custody cases are tricky because they have the ability to turn into screaming matches of who is more deserving between the parents pretty quickly. This kind of thing happens when, in the hurt and confusion of their situation, the parents forget that the custody hearing is about their child(ren) and start to focus, almost single-mindedly, on themselves. Daniel Barnes and Associates understands the need to handle the situation delicately, yet effectively, to ensure the best possible experience for your child(ren).

What To Look For In A Child Custody Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA

     *      Experience.

Always look for a child custody lawyer who is experienced in the field. You wouldn’t hire an electrician to check your pipes; the same could be said about lawyers practicing in different fields.

Matching Strategy.

     *      You want your lawyer’s strategy to match with your wishes and desires. If you don’t agree with their game plan, it’s probably a good idea to move onto someone with whom you do agree. You need to have confidence in your child custody lawyer’s abilities; otherwise, you’ll feel like you are just wasting your money.

Word Of Mouth.

     *      The best way to get a feel for a lawyer and their work is to check out their reviews by other people who have hired them previously. Customer feed-back and Word of Mouth are two of the best way to find out who and what are the best deals for your money.

     *      Puts Your Child(ren) First.

The most important thing about finding a Child Custody Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA is finding one who truly has your child(ren)’s best interest in mind. In custody cases, the child(ren) comes first, so it is the child(ren)’s interests that matter, not the parents’.

Just like in the custody hearing, you’ll have to put your child(ren)’s interests first when seeking out a Child Custody Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA. The slippery slope that is divorce and child custody can only be navigated by those who have experience in the field and who work in a way that suits your family and you


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