What to Know Before Commercial HVAC Installation in Lafayette

You might be considering an upgrade to your commercial HVAC system but are unsure which system is best for you. It’s crucial that you know what to expect when you hire a professional for. Before you look for options, there are a few key factors that you should keep in mind.

Load Capacity

When you choose commercial HVAC installation in Lafayette, the HVAC technician will consider various factors such as the area, space, and layout to install systems. Moreover, the temperature also needs to be taken into account to assess whether it’s suitable for equipment or not. At the end, you don’t want to install the outdoor unit in a space where there isn’t proper ventilation.

Type of HVAC

From air conditioner to split to variable refrigerant volume system, you need to choose the right type of HVAC system for your heating and cooling needs. The HVAC technician you hire will help you choose the best system.

Check the Current Ductwork

Inefficient ductwork can result in a loss of up to 20% of the cool air flow, overcharging your energy bills unnecessarily. An expert would tell you if it needs the service of cleaning, repairing, or if any changes are needed to be made.


If you’ve decided to go for commercial HVAC installation in Lafayette, you need to collect estimates of various types of system. This could help you get an idea of what works best according to your requirements and budget.

If you’re searching for options, you can look for experts such as Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors and get a quote.

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