What to Know About Buying Auto Insurance After a DUI in Peoria, IL

Most all states require drivers to have liability to cover the other driver and injured parties. They also have stern laws and penalties against drunk driving. If you’ve gotten a DUI recently, your car insurance in Peoria, IL, will change.

Car Insurance After a DUI

You will still be able to get insurance after a DUI, but some providers may cancel your policy or refuse coverage. At the worst, your rates may increase as much as 91% since they view you as a risk. The provider could also consider other factors, such as driving history, age, and how long ago you got the DUI.

A DUI commonly affects premiums for three to five years in Illinois, but it varies by state. You commonly need to file an SR-22 certificate with the court in addition to the policy. You must carry this at all times to show proof you have met the minimum requirements for insurance.

Getting Cheaper Car Insurance After a DUI

One way to save on auto insurance after a DUI is to choose a higher deductible but ensure you can afford it. Work to maintain a driving record clean of traffic infractions and especially avoid another DUI.

If you drive an older vehicle, comprehensive collision coverage is often not worth the cost. Another option to save is a nonowner policy, which covers you for rental vehicles or borrowed vehicles for much less.

Remember not to let your SR-22 insurance lapse because it could suspend your license. If you need car insurance in Peoria, IL, visit Accurate Auto Insurance.

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