What to Know About an Ansul System in Iowa

What is an Ansul System?

Ansul is a company that creates fire suppression systems as well as extinguishers. The “Ansul system,” which is often present in restaurants and warehouses, is a unique fire suppression system that uses Anhydrous Sulfur Dioxide, which was used as a refrigerant.

Now, Ansul systems found in restaurants and similar work environments use an Ansulex low PH liquid to bring down flames, and cool surfaces. The concept is that the tough vapor will blanket the fire and reduce the chances of re-flash.

Who Needs Ansul Systems?
An Ansul system is standard for restaurants, because of the presence of open flames. However, other industries can use them as well. It largely depends on the property owner and the value of the equipment at risk.

How are Ansul Systems Installed?
Typically an effective Ansul system in Iowa will be built into a hood or filtration system above grill, fryer, or oven unites in a restaurant. They will require hardware installation above the cooking equipment, and through the hood and attic regions to pump the chemical down in case of a tripped alarm.

The installation can take hours or days, depending on the coverage area and size of the building. A professional installation is required; this is not something that a restaurant owner could do themselves.

Cleanup After an Ansul System Trip
A major concern is the cleanup after an Ansul system. The vapor and liquid from the Anhydrous Sulphur Dioxide are toxic. Professional cleanup is necessary to ensure that all traces of the chemical is removed from any cooking surfaces, work environments, or customer areas.

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