What to Expect When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in New Haven

When you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, it can be a very trying and emotional experience. If you have lost time from your employment due to injuries received from this accident, it can also be a very frustrating and stressful time. In addition to the loss of income you may be responsible for medical costs that your insurance company does not pay, or all the costs if you are not covered by insurance. At a time like this you may need to contact a Personal Injury Attorney in New Haven.

Once you have contacted a Personal Injury Attorney in New Haven, they will meet with you either in your home or their office and will counsel you on what options you have to take. They will also have you sign a contract stating that they will be representing you in this matter. You may choose to hire an attorney such as Riefe Tietjen Attorney at Law in New Haven, CT, who is trained in this aspect of the law and knowledgeable in the state laws where the injury occurred.

At your first meeting with your Personal Injury Attorney in New Haven, the lawyer will gather information about what happened at the time of the accident, possible witnesses to the accident and any facts about your medical treatment. The lawyer will then have you sign the forms authorizing them to have access to your medical information so that they may get all your records concerning this injury. You will also need to give them information on your insurance coverage both medical and motor vehicle if it was due to a car accident. Make sure to let the Attorney know if you have given a statement to anyone about this accident and what was discussed. This is very important to the case so that they have all the pertinent information.

During this first meeting with the personal injury attorney in New Haven they will discuss with you all the steps they will be taking to move forward with you case. They will also make sure that you understand that you are to continue to seek the medical care needed even though you may worry about the costs. This is a fact finding meeting where all information gathered will help the lawyer in moving forward with your case.


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