What To Expect From Opossum Removal In Columbus, OH

In Ohio, property owners are likely to find opossum and other wildlife around their properties, especially if they live near wooded areas. The opossum is known to climb into attics and crawlspaces. The issue isn’t just that there is a possibility of damage, but there is a chance that a baby will fall into the walls and become trapped. Hiring opossum removal in Columbus OH offers homeowners a more humane way to remove the animals.

Finding All Areas Where the Opossum Were

Removal technicians inspect the property and its exterior. Common signs of the pests are holes in the yard and sudden noises or animal noises from attics or walls. The technicians review all areas to determine how extensive the infestation is.

Cutting Off Food Sources

Opossum scavenges for food in trash cans and outside areas where the property owner eats. The first step for eliminating the pests is to use outside trash cans that have locking lids that are harder to open. The owner must clean up their patio and any living space where they eat outside. Next, the extermination team should distribute pesticides to kill off insects in the yard that are a food source for the pests.

Strategies to Stop the Attraction

Extermination teams review the property for conditions that are attractive to the pests. Cluttered spaces around the yard provide places for the opossum to breed and hide during the day. The extermination team provides recommendations to the property owner about the conditions and explains the benefits of following the suggestions.

Setting Traps for the Opossum

The most humane way to remove opossums from a residential property is to trap them. The opossum is attracted to a bait that is placed in the trap. The trap door closes once the opossum enters the trap. The opossum is not harmed in the trap, and the extermination team searches for babies if the opossum is female.

In Ohio, property owners schedule opossum removal when opossums cause property damage. The animals don’t pose a health risk to property owners, but they are known to invade hidden spaces when breeding. Property owners who want to learn more about Opossum Removal in Columbus OH are encouraged to visit us for more info now.

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