What to Expect during your Eye Exam in Murietta

Knowing what to expect when you go in for your eye exam in Murietta can make for a much more relaxing time. Fortunately an eye exam is a simple procedure with nothing scary to concern you. As a matter of fact, your eye exam will be quick and pain free!

The Visit is not Scary

During the eye exam the eye doctor will perform a variety of tests and evaluations that determine the health of your eyes as well as the level and strength of your eyesight. If there are problems discovered, such as the need for corrective vision or if you are diagnosed with an eye disease like glaucoma, the doctor will make a plan with you. The typical eye exam lasts only about half an hour, though it can take as long as 90 minutes in some cases.

Planning accordingly for your eye exam in Murietta is essential. Sometimes the doctor will need to dilate your pupils, which can affect vision for a short period of time after the exam. If this is a procedure the doctor will perform, the exam will take longer and you will need to have someone with you to escort you home after the visit. You won’t be able to drive, so you’ll have to plan to wait for the period of time that it takes your vision to correct if you don’t have a ride home.

Tests & Procedures

Once you arrive for the eye exam you will be asked many questions concerning your vision, your health and that of your family. It is important to answer these questions as accurately as possible, as there are many health conditions that can be passed down from your parents, not to mention health concerns you may have that affect your eyesight. The doctor will want to know exactly what brought you in for the visit as well as your hopes after the eye exam is over.

A Visual Acuity Test will be performed. This test is common, and tests your ability to see from a distance of 20 feet. Your ability to see the smallest numbers and letters projected on the chart matters the most. If you have 20/20 visual acuity on your test, you are home free! If you hear something like 20/80, you are certainly going to need corrective eyewear.

An external examination of the eyes will be performed, along with an eye alignment test to determine any disorders and your ability to focus on objects. A pupil response test is performed as well as a refraction test to determine if your pupils are functioning normally.


Optometric Vision Experience has been providing eye exams in Murietta to patients for 10 years. You’ll always leave satisfied that your needs have been taken care of.

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