What to Expect During a Visit to a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Washington

Visiting a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Washington for the first time can be exciting, but it can also be a little bit intimidating, especially for visitors who are coming from states where recreational marijuana is prohibited. One great way to do away with any lingering anxieties is to learn more about what happens at recreational dispensaries. Read on to find out a little bit more about what to expect on that first visit.

Bring Identification

From the very first moment that visitors enter a dispensary, they will be expected to show some form of identification proving they are over the legal buying age of 21. Most dispensaries take both driver’s licenses and passports, but it’s important to note that those who are travelling from out of state may want to call the dispensary in advance before visiting, as not all dispensaries take out-of-state IDs. Those who have vertical ID cards rather than licenses should also call in advance to make sure that their form of identification will be accepted.

There Might Be a Wait

It’s not unusual for there to be a brief waiting time before being able to speak with a bud tender. Most dispensaries offer waiting rooms or lobbies, while others allow customers to browse the inventory until they can be helped. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly all right to take extra time in making decisions, especially on that first visit.

Interacting with Bud tenders

Bud tenders are dedicated employees whose job is to help customers find the right marijuana strain or product. They’ll be available to answer questions, but not every bud tender is a marijuana expert. It’s not unusual for customers to do a little bit of research before they head to a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Washington to determine what strains of marijuana they’re looking for. Keep in mind that many dispensaries do not allow cell phone use on their properties, so go ahead and write down a list of relevant questions in advance.

Learn More Online

Anyone interested in doing a little bit of extra research before heading in for his or her first visit to a recreational dispensary can visit Barbarycoastsf.org online to check out one popular dispensary. They offer plenty of helpful information on their website, which can make it easier for new customers to feel comfortable when they head to the store.

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