What to Ask a Dentist Before Having Dental Crowns in Bridgeport, CT Placed

Dental crowns in Bridgeport CT are some of the most common restorations that people have to have for their teeth. However, before having this dental procedure done, it may be wise to ask a few questions. In some cases, dental crowns aren’t the only treatment option. Knowing the options that are available is the best way to ensure the proper treatment is received.

What are all the options for treatment?

In some situations, Dental Crowns in Bridgeport CT are just one treatment option; however, there are others available. In some cases, it may be possible to have a filling instead. However, a filling won’t always keep a person from having to have a dental crown down the road. Also, if there is a large part of the tooth that needs to be filled, then a better solution is usually a crown since the fillings don’t provide the same level of protection that crowns do.

What may happen if a person’s waits to have the crown?

There are several scenarios that may occur if a person doesn’t have a crown when it is recommended by a dentist. Some of these scenarios are found here.

 *    Nothing is going to happen.

 *    The tooth may chip, which is a simple repair or it could crack and require a crown.

 *    In some cases, waiting to have a crown placed may result in the patient needing a root canal.

 *    The tooth may split, which would then require extraction or crown lengthening.

Is a root canal necessary?

In most cases, when a crown is being placed, a root canal will not be required. However, if the tooth is not acutely inflamed or infected, a root canal will not be necessary. If there are signs of infection, then a root canal will be needed to prevent the infection from becoming worse.

While it is wise to ask questions and fully understand why a crown is needed, it is still wise to listen to the advice from a dentist. They will let a patient know when this treatment is required. Additional help and information can be found by taking some time to schedule an appointment.

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