What Structural Steel Fabrication Can Do

For most of us, our requirements for steel parts and structures are pre-designed and pre-made into a standardized form that are readily sold in factories and retail shops. They are easily sourced, conveniently available and often a quick same-day solution.

However, when there’s a need to modify existing parts or design to realize a more efficient performance or you need a completely new design to solve a new problem, that’s when you’ll need custom structural steel fabrication in Cleveland.

This involves the process of cutting, bending and shaping steel into a form according to your new design that specifically solves a structural challenge. Precision will be an important criterion delivered on schedule. That’s why every step of the process will be observed by a team to ensure the process of fabrication is according to design.

Close collaboration is essential especially at the beginning of the process to make sure the design is sound and the process acceptable.

Structural steel fabrication in Cleveland offers such a capability that’s readily available for any local manufacturer, construction firm or energy provider needing customized tools and parts.

The process of fabrication involves cutting steel by shearing, sawing or chiseling with tools such as laser cutters, plasma torches and water jets. It requires hammering ductile steel into specified forms manually or by a machine.

And to ensure the fabrication is made to purpose, the parts or structure is assembled on-site as the completion of the process and agreement. These products may come in the form of industrial stairs, steel handrails or ladders for manufacturing. They may be steel beams, girders and plates for construction. Or they can come as big as an oil or gas well platform, pipelines or wind turbines for the energy industry.

Structural steel fabrication in Cleveland provides these services for the surrounding businesses that are growing with demand.

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