What Options Are Offered Through Family Dentistry In Newark, NJ?

In New Jersey, families need comprehensive dental care to lower the potential for gum disease and tooth loss. With regular dental visits, the entire family is protected against these unwanted circumstances. They can also mitigate risks based on the effects of accidents or medication as well. The following are the options offered through Family Dentistry in Newark NJ.

Reconstruction of Damaged Teeth

at any time that teeth are damaged, dental professionals can provide a variety of services to correct the damage. These services could include a simple filling or span up to dental bonding. These options allow the dentist to reconstruct the tooth with a composite resin. The product can strengthen the teeth and improve the function of the tooth.

Root Canal Procedures

A root canal procedure is performed when the tooth is damaged and causing severe pain. This procedure is performed after more simplified repairs have failed. The dentist removes the pulp of the tooth and the nerve. They seal off the tooth with a filling and place a crown over the entire tooth. This lowers the chances of more damage and any pain or discomfort for the patient.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Surgery

Wisdom teeth extractions are necessary when the tooth is impacted. This condition can lead to the creation of a gum flap. These flaps allow bacteria and debris to collect inside the gums. This produces an infection and leads to severe pain. A surgical procedure is necessary for these extractions.

Cosmetic Enhance for Teeth

Cosmetic services are used to enhance the smile. They can include teeth whitening treatments and veneer installation. A dental professional could also provide dental implants to replace severely damaged teeth completely. These services can provide a better overall smile and lower the chances of self-confidence or esteem issues.

In New Jersey, families have access to a variety of services that enable them to improve their smile. These conditions could range from general services to cosmetic treatments. Select options may provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth. Patients who want to review these options through Family Dentistry in Newark NJ contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles or visit the website for further details.

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