What Is The Significance Of Mats When Framing Works Of Art? 3 Things You Should Know

Much thought goes into framing an art work from several different angles. Protecting the piece is vital. Perspective is another point in fine art framing in Los Angeles. The medium being displayed is another. Whether you’re framing a painting, photograph, textile, or a document, mats are important for many reasons.

1. Protection

The majority of art galleries use four-ply mats. Six and eight ply are only used in museums. Two mats on your painting represents eight ply between your art work and the glass.

The ply and how many mats you use are important. Mats provide air flow along the painting, preventing the medium melting onto the glass.

2. Perspective

Size matters. Mats and frames that overpower the work of art isn’t good. The mat shouldn’t be the width of the frame, because the whole experience would look out of balance.

The mat and frame colors are just as important. Using mat colors a shade lighter than those in the painting, photograph, or textile lead the eye around the medium. Remember, it’s all about the art work, and you want to enhance it.

3. Medium

Documents are easily matted and framed. Fine art framing in Los Angeles mats them in white with space between the printing and mat (called a reveal,) and frame them in your choice.

It’s the textiles, photographs, and paintings that present a matting challenge. Textiles are usually matted with linen, while photographs and paintings are matted differently. Mats made of paper or cardboard leak acid on the work of art or photo. Today’s mats are made of acid-free paper or cardboard using cellulose or cotton (our money is made like this.)

Frame 2000 will mat and frame your fine works of art, photographs, textiles, and documents so they remain safe from fading or melting onto the glass. Contact us at the website to learn more about it.

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