What Is the Best Garage Door in Woburn MA for Your Home?

Not that long ago, garage doors were essentially nondescript pieces of equipment that only served to conceal the contents of the garage. However, since the garage door occupies a large area of the house, especially on homes with attached garages, builders and homeowners alike started paying more attention to the garage door. Understanding that a garage door impacts everything from safety to curb appeal, homeowners want the Best Garage Door in Woburn MA for their homes.

A quick stroll through a big box home improvement store look or browsing online and one will find an astonishing number of garage door styles, types, and materials. Homeowners can pick from aluminum, fiberglass, hollow steel, and wood, with or without insulation.

Common garage door types include:

  • Rolling -; No longer reserved for commercial applications, rolling or coiling garage doors made of steel, have found their niche in the residential market too. Made of durable 26-gauge steel, it rolls up around a drum overhead, allowing for overhead room that would otherwise be inaccessible. The garage door’s track ensure’s it held securely and the springs serve to counterbalance the weight.

  • Sectional -; As the name suggests, these garage doors available from Collins Overhead Door Inc are divided into individual sections or panels. If there is limited parking space outside the garage door these are an ideal solution as they are raised straight up, instead of outward, allowing homeowners or visitors to park close to the door. Many homeowners enhance the appearance of sectional doors by integrating other materials into the door such as wood or copper to complement the home’s exterior.

  • One Piece -; These come in either retractable or canopy styles. Retractable versions lift up and out and slide into position hanging from the ceiling. The canopy style works the same as the retractable except for a small portion of the door that extends out from the garage itself. One piece doors tend to be the least expensive garage door choice and are good for tight budgets.

The Best Garage Door in Woburn MA for any home comes down to personal preference. With practically limitless choices there is a garage door for every home in every budget. Equally important as garage door style is the installation service. Vital to the proper operation of the garage door, is the quality of the installation and experience of the installers. An improperly installed garage door is an unsafe garage door.

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