What is a scrap yard?

A scrap yard is the beginning of a long chain that ends with a new car. The chaos of collecting, sorting, spreading, baling and shipping is all part of a dance that happens every day when processing scrap metal in Connecticut.

The waste stream:

Every industry wastes something, there is always scrap or waste from an operation or process. The waste stream is what is left after a day’s work.

Some of the materials that go to make up the waste stream cannot be recycled, things like food and bio-hazardous waste from hospitals cannot be disposed of other than by incineration or land fill. However, most of the waste stream can be recycled. Waste paper, plastic, glass and scrap metal in Connecticut are all great candidates for recycling. Scrap yards exist because industry knows it is cheaper to reprocess old used paper than it is to grow and harvest new trees.

What can be classified as scrap metal in Connecticut?

Scrap metal is anything that comes from the manufacturing process, construction, demolition. Any place that uses metal in one form or another will generate scrap. Some examples of scrap metal are copper, aluminum and zinc. Transformers for example contain a number of different scrap metals.

The scrap yard has a steady demand placed on it by its customers. The buyers of bulk scrap go through it by the mega-ton. The scrap yard buys whatever scrap metal it can get, from large contract suppliers to the individual who drags a wrecked car to the yard.

Many of the things that the scrap yard buys contains more than just metal, old cars contain plastic, glass, rubber and refrigerators contain a lot of plastic. Once disassembled, the scrap yard can sell just about everything that comes in.

How to sell scrap metal in Connecticut:

It is a straight forward process, but the more you know, the more money you can make.

Sort the metal into the various types before you take it to the scrap yard. If you take a mixed lot of scrap metal in Connecticut to the scrap yard, you will be paid the price for the cheapest metal in the pile. If the yard has to separate it, you will pay for the service. When you go the scrap yard, take your ID. There is a state wide list of known metal thieves and reputable yards will not deal with them.

When you get to the scrap yard, take your segregated metals and weigh them. If you have a vehicle full of scrap metal, this will be weighed on the truck scale. The vehicle is weighed when it enters the yard and again after it is unloaded. For small lots there are small scales.

Once you have weighed your scrap metal, take your money and go home. Start collecting more for next weekend.

Scrap metal in Connecticut is purchased by Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. They purchase truck loads and bucket loads, the prices are all published on the day as they vary based on industry demand. Visit Calamarirecycling.com

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