What Does Copy Protected Mean, It’s Necessary for Your Blu Ray Discs

In today’s world, it’s much easier for consumers to take media and make copies without permission. You can see copyright infringement on a variety of social media and video platforms every day. Your Blu Ray and DVDs can be ripped, and any information is added to the internet where it’s very difficult (though possible) to remove. When consumers purchase these discs, they are copy protected so that copies cannot be made. If you want to create a video and wish to protect it, you may want professionals to help you protect it so that your work isn’t stolen.

Why It’s Essential

You’ve worked very hard on creating a quality video. Whether you hope to make money and sell them or use them for training or showing to select audiences, you want control over where and why the video is shown. If people haven’t paid to see it, all the hard work you put in was in vain. Likewise, you probably put a lot of money into making the video and ensuring that it looked polished and professionally done. You don’t want to waste all that time and money spent by letting someone make copies of their own and put it on the internet (or sell them to you).

Where to Turn

Professionals know what copy protection is and how to do it effectively. Your Blu Ray discs need proprietary protection features. The company you select should update their systems frequently so that there are no compromises. Hackers cannot find out which encryptions are used, which means they cannot duplicate them and figure out a way to unlock the encryption.

If you have created a Blu Ray disc, it is essential that you get it copy protected. Visit ChromaVision at http://www.chromavision.net to learn more about this service. Follow us on Google+.

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