What Do Your Custom Trade Show Exhibits Tell Your Customers?

There is a lot more to selling than just showing up at an exhibit or event and talking to people about your company, brand, products and services. It is also about leaving a visual memory in your potential new customer’s mind that links your product to your display and your company. Ensuring that this linkage is made, even if the person may not stop and talk to your personally is all about having the best custom trade show exhibits at the event.

There is a science behind designs top custom trade show exhibits. It doesn’t happen by accident and takes considerable planning, design and fabrication to get just the right look and feel. You want to create a unique space and environment within that trade fair area that grabs the attention of the people walking through and round the event. Once you get them interest in the custom trade show exhibits then you have the chance for them to learn more about what you are there to sell or promote.

The Three Second Rule

A good guideline to consider when planning custom trade show exhibits is the three second rule. This is based on the fact that most people will look at your display for three seconds or less and decide if they are interested in going in and getting more information or just walking by to the next row of trade show exhibits.

To get people visually interested in your display in three seconds you have to stand out from the rest, use a unique design, eye catching graphic image or use lighting, technology or a combination of these to attract attention.

Clear and Simple

When you are using a professional that designs custom trade show exhibits they will help you provide a clear and simple message to the customer that will stick in their mind. This may include using your brand or logo as well as a simple tagline type of message that identifies your product or company.

You don’t want to overwhelm people with visual images, multiple colors and designs and lots of audio visual. This muddles the message and turns people off as it just too busy and too confusing. Simple, elegant and unique custom trade show exhibits are always the best option and the ones that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Designing and building custom trade show exhibits is our one and only focus. For more details and to view our portfolio drop by the website at Website Domain.

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