What Are the Things That Can Increase Sexual Assault Sentence in Texas?

Sexual assault is one of the most severe crimes that a person can be charged with in Texas. Anyone guilty of such an offense will lose their reputation and professional licenses they’ve worked hard to obtain. In addition to these punishments, being placed on the sex offender registry is something that can last a lifetime.

Individuals who face such harsh penalties need a Dickinson sexual assault attorney to formulate a strong defense. There are many things that can increase sexual assault sentence in Texas. A crime will be classified as “aggravated” when there’s a weapon or a threat of violence along with the assault. Additionally, if the attack involved an elderly person or a minor under the age of 12, Texas laws also allow for this classification.

Any individual charged with such a crime can face life in prison without the hope of parole. A dickinson sexual assault attorney must formulate a solid defense to combat these charges. Sadly, innocent people are accused of crimes every day in Texas.

One of the common issues that lawyers find is a case of mistaken identity. The victim identifies the wrong person and ruins the incorrect person’s life. On the other hand, some folks press retaliatory charges, especially after a breakup.

The encounter might be consensual, but the accuser lied to get the other party in trouble. It takes a solid legal defense to combat such charges. There are so many things that can increase sexual assault sentence in Texas, so it’s imperative to have a well-skilled attorney defending the accused.

Trust someone who’s tried every kind of criminal case out there and has a reputation for successful verdicts. Contact Mark Diaz & Associates for immediate help.

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