What Are Some Signs of a Possible Bed Bug Infestation in Phoenix, AZ?

Bed bugs are small, oval, reddish, wingless insects measuring 1/2 centimeter, or 2/10 inch. Bed bugs can be mistaken for other insects and hard to spot, so look for these common signs of a bed bug infestation in Phoenix, AZ.

Obvious Signs

Bed bugs are good at hiding but still leave physical evidence. Bedbugs frequently leave fecal droppings on mattreses pillows and covers, or your pajamas. These stains are not blood and range from dark brown to black. Another possible sign is exoskeletons or shells left from molting, the process that helps the bug grow larger. The translucent shells can number in the thousands, and they are various sizes depending on the life stage of the bug.


Bed bug glands emit an odor that smells like a damp towel or moldy shoes, or it could smell sweet. A larger infestation will usually produce a stronger smell. The smell helps them find their way back home after feeding.

Skin Rashes

A bed bug bite can look similar to other insects, but they commonly occur while you sleep. A bed bug bite commonly itches and forms a reddish, raised welt with a straight line of bite marks in a single area. Unlike mosquito bites or flea bites, you may not know they bit you, and they won’t affect everyone. Bed bug bites often do not heal as fast as other insect bites.

Getting Rid of the Infestation

A bed bug infestation in Phoenix, AZ, isn’t restricted to bedrooms so check each room for signs. Vacuuming and laundering bed linens and clothing can help control small infestations, but you may need professional treatment for large bed bug infestations.

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