What Air Duct Cleaning is and Why it is Important to You

What Air Duct Cleaning is and Why it is Important to YouYour home heating and air conditioning system uses ducts to deliver cooled or heating air to each room. However, today’s well-insulated homes often trap pollutants, such as dust, pet hair, mold, and mildew. These often remain in air ducts, and build up over time. As air is pushed out, it carries the contaminates with it, which pollutes indoor air. However, by using professional duct cleaners Albany NY service, homeowners can improve air quality.

Many people have questions about the cleaning process. Some of the most common concerns are:

WHAT HAPPENS DURING DUCT CLEANING? – A large negative airflow system (big vacuum) is used to remove accumulated debris from ducts. The process prevents particles from entering your home during cleaning. During Duct Cleaning Albany NY professionals usually wash air conditioning and heating components. They may also vacuum registers and apply a product that prevents mold and mildew growth.

WHO IS QUALIFIED TO CLEAN AIR DUCTS? – Ducts should always be cleaned by professionals who are trained to work with air conditioning, heating, and air quality issues. They should also have the necessary equipment to clean ducts without harming them. These experts are schooled in industry standards, environment issues, and correct cleaning procedures.

WHEN WILL MY BRAND NEW HOME NEED THE AIR DUCTS CLEANED? – When homes are being built, the air conditioning system traps dust, drywall, and debris, which can cause blockages and encourage mold growth. Air ducts in new homes should be cleaned before residents move in.

WILL DUCT CLEANING MAKE HOUSEKEEPING EASIER? – Yes! Freshly cleaned ducts no longer spread dust, mold spores, or pet hairs throughout your home, so it is easier to keep it clean.

I JUST GOT A NEW FURNACE. DOES THIS AFFECT AIR DUCTS? – A new furnace fan is generally more powerful than an old one, and will efficiently push even more polluted air into your home if the ducts have not been cleaned. Most HVAC experts suggest duct cleaning after any new air conditioning or heating unit has been installed.

Airborne pollutants can become trapped in air ducts, reducing your home’s air quality. However, professional duct cleaning can eliminate this problem. Professional Fire Restoration Services is one of the professional company providing high quality duct cleaning and other restoration services in Albany and surrounding areas.

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