What A Truck Accident Law Attorney In Emporia, KS Could Tell You About These Accidents

In Kansas, commercial trucking companies must acquire insurance to mitigate risks through insurance and compliance with federal laws. In some cases, it is non-compliance on their part that could indicate a liability. In a trucking accident, these factors play a vital role for victims. The following is information that a truck accident law attorney in Emporia KS could provide to victims of these accidents.

Federal Trucking Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration manages regulations that mitigate the risk of an accident. These regulations apply to the driving requirements for commercial truck drivers. They designate operating hours and limits that require the driver to stop driving and rest. This regulation prevents possible accidents based on exhausted driving. The driver must maintain a log of their driving hours to prove their compliance with this law.

Inspections and Investigations

After an accident, an inspection is required to determine if all mechanical maintenance requirements were fulfilled. Additionally, the driver must stop at weighing stations to ensure that their load isn’t too heavy. During the investigation that identifies the exact cause of the accident, these conditions are assessed. The findings can determine who was at-fault beyond the commercial truck driver.

Medical Records and Evidence of Injuries

All medical records are required for the victim to support their claim. They present the victim’s injuries and how they were produced in great detail. They must also present a clear picture of how the injuries could affect the victim in the future if a disability was produced.

How the Victim Acquires Compensation

In a claim against a commercial trucking company, the victim’s compensation comes from an insurance claim in most cases. If the insurance provider denies their claim initially, this is when the victim can file a lawsuit against the insurer and the trucking company.

In Kansas, commercial trucking companies who fail to comply with federal regulations could become the defendant in a lawsuit. These conditions could arise after a trucking accident occurs. The circumstances of the accident defines whether or not the commercial driver was the responsible party. Victims of these accidents contact Truck Accident Law Attorney in Emporia KS directly or contact us for more information now.

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