Voluntary Stretch code Bridgewater MA for a Greener Community

In an attempt to create greener communities, residential and commercial construction regulations in Massachusetts have been expanded to include the stretch energy code. Through the implementation of this code, individuals as well as communities can expect to see an increase in energy efficiency reflected in reduced energy costs. In addition, this increase in efficiency will also lend itself to a decrease in overall pollution throughout our towns and communities. This benefit leads to healthier places to live. Moreover, homes built with this superior construction offer its owners increased comforts by making the winter months warmer and the summer months cooler. This code ensures homes and commercial buildings that are “tighter” leaving less chance of drafts.

Although global warming, climate changes and other environmental concerns plaque the world, the adoption of the stretch energy code remains to be a choice. The state of Massachusetts allows communities to voluntarily implement the code based on current perceived needs and wants of the particular area. However, momentum to employ this code in many towns and communities in Massachusetts continues to build. One great incentive, other than the economical and environmental benefits, is the possible grant money available. For those communities that qualify based on The Massachusetts Green Community Act, there is up to ten million dollars allotted annually. By adopting this code, the community meets some of the requirement necessary to be eligible.

For those involved in remodeling or renovating an existing structure, there are a few differences to note when dealing with the stretch energy code. The code does not apply to renovation of commercial buildings. However, it does apply to residential renovations. With this in mind, the requirements are less strict for renovation projects as opposed to new construction. There is also quite a bit of flexibility as far as the path to compliance available when working on residential renovation.

Since the implementation of the Stretch code Bridgewater MA, many home builders, architects and developers have found support from specialists in code compliance to be an invaluable commodity. This third party provides verification necessary to obtain certification. The verification and certification provide proof of energy efficiency which speaks to the quality of the construction. Adoption of this new code is a voluntary act that various towns and cities in Massachusetts have opted to embrace hoping for a greener future, creating more desirable places to live, raise families and in turn increase home and land values.

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