Versatile security guards

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Security System

The stereotypical image of a security guard may be of somebody who sits in a guard hut and carries a torch. Whilst this may still be true in some circumstances modern day security guards actually perform an array of duties and often become an integral part of a business. They are considered one of the team by other staff members and are rarely looked upon as an outsider. Many firms offer security guard companies in bristol and they will be able to advise you on the full range of duties that security guards can carry out.

Security duties

A security guard’s main role is to provide security. This may involve physical patrols of a premises or the silent monitoring of CCTV cameras or both. Routine patrols are often carried out at night when the business is closed and a set routine will often be established. The guard will patrol at set times and often write a short report on their findings even if these are minimal. They will check doors and windows to ensure they are secure. If a security breach is found then they will look to rectify it on their own or will make a call for assistance. A security guard may be positioned at the entrance to a business and make visitors sign in when entering. They will often issue security passes and then collect these when the visitor leaves. This is an important job as it keeps a track of all persons entering and leaving a building, therefore maintaining an up-to-date register.

Adding value

A security guard is like an extended member of staff in some instances and so often their attitude reflects this. They will deal with any queries from customers, even if these are regarding a product or simply asking for directions. They are often the first person a visitor meets when arriving at a business so a friendly demeanour is a must. First impressions are crucial for businesses no matter what market they are in. Security guards will often switch off unnecessary lights and other utilities they find to help a business reduce costs. They usually play a crucial role in any fire alarm tests that are carried out and may even assist in a firm’s post room with the delivery of mail. For more information on the value they can add to your business you should Click here to get a specialist company who provide security guards in Swindon.


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