Valuing Wrongful Death Settlements in Davie FL

Wrongful Death Settlements Davie FL are affected by a variety of factors, and it’s important for clients to understand these factors before pursuing a claim. If a family is dealing with a member’s wrongful death, they should consider the issues listed below.

Losses and Damages Attributable to the Decedent and Dependents

A wrongful death case’s value depends on how many claimants are involved, as well as the amount of recoverable damages. For instance, the death of a childless, single man who is unemployed may be different than that of a married man with several children. If a person’s employment and educational backgrounds are hard to verify, it’s more difficult to prove the case’s value.

The Jury’s Opinion of the Decedent’s Character

Whether the decedent was a good person and whether they had a good relationship with family is a factor that can influence a jury’s view during a wrongful death case. It’s easier for juries to make large awards for a nice or ‘valuable’ person’s death than it is for someone who is viewed negatively.

The Wrongdoer’s Identity

It’s also important to consider how the jury may view the person responsible for the wrongful death. Was it an unfortunate accident, with little chance of portraying the at-fault party as deserving punishment? An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help a client evaluate the strength of this factor in determining the value of Wrongful Death Settlements Davie FL.

The Judge and Jury

Judges have considerable discretion over the evidence allowed at trial, and some are focused more heavily on either the defendant or plaintiff. It’s also possible to draw a liberal or conservative jury. Some juries and judges look more favorably on wrongful death cases than others do; it’s really the luck of the draw.

This is a highly simplified list of factors that may affect the value of a wrongful death settlement. If an individual or family is pursuing litigation because of a wrongful death and they have questions about the process, it is in their interest to consult a local lawyer. Browse Site for more information or call to schedule a consultation.

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