Valuable Under-Deck Ideas In Chicago

A deck is a perfect addition to any home. Whether you live in the countryside or a dense urban environment, a deck offers more living space. In Chicago, the average home is approximately 2,500 square feet. A 2,500-square-foot home does not leave much space to entertain if you consider the space it takes to section off multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. It is also frustrating to host a small get-together with friends and family and be left deep cleaning your home. Decks are the perfect space to entertain guests without dirtying your entire house. They will expand your living space without the high cost of home renovations. A small deck addition and some fun under-deck ideas in Chicago are growing in popularity among homeowners in Chicago.

Entertain and Enjoy

Whether you are looking for under-deck ceiling ideas or new ways to create seating on a small deck, local deck companies can build the perfect space and provide the supplies for a DIY project. A multi-level deck can double your home’s square footage. If you love to host dinners with friends and family, you could have the top space to grill and dine while the underneath has a small faux fire pit with chairs. Small decks are just as valuable, if not more valuable, to residents in Chicago.

Under-deck ceilings will protect your new addition as well as provide coverage for you and your family while using the space. Under-deck ceilings will make your addition more attractive and increase the value of your home. The average deck will allow water, rain, and ice to seep through underneath. An under-deck ceiling will keep you and your guests dry.

Increase Your Storage Space

When you live in a small home without a yard, how will you store your children’s bikes, toys, and sporting equipment? Where will you put a grill? What will you do with all your holiday decorations? One of the most popular under-deck ideas in Chicago is creating a unique storage space. Contractors can design this area to go with the aesthetic of the exterior of your building so it blends in with the scenery. Instead of piling your belongings on your porch, you will have a weatherproof area to keep your special items.

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