Using a Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island, NY to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

A sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY can be used for all sorts of projects. Artists are gaining inspiration from people all around the globe in regard to creating intriguing designs that also are useful for various purposes.

An Ice Block in a Drought

For instance, in one country, artists sculpted a block of ice that was 10 ft. tall and much wider than this. They had the enormous sculpture transported to an area affected by drought, where it would melt over the course of many days. Weighing more than a ton, the ice would not disappear within just a few hours, as many people would suspect. Even with warm sunshine beating down upon it, this size of an ice block will last much longer. However, the artistic efforts would quickly fade away.

Some ice blocks are much larger than this. To get a sense of how large a one-ton block of ice is, consider the size of a one-ton pickup truck. The most common pickups on the road are half-ton models. Of course, this isn’t a direct comparison since the ice block is solid and the truck has a great deal of open space under the hood and in the cab.

Sculptures of Animals

Some artists might want to order a sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY as a symbolic way to demonstrate the effects of climate change. This was done in Copenhagen in 2009 when sculptors crafted a polar bear from a block to signify the increasing loss of habitat in the Arctic for these majestic creatures. Sculptors in the Long Island area might want to turn blocks into other imagery of animals negatively affected by significant changes in the world’s weather patterns.

Polar Caps Melting

Environmental groups and other organizations have used the sculpture of ice blocks with other interesting ideas to raise awareness of climate change. With polar caps melting and sea levels rising, this can be an effective way to get the point across. Anyone who wants to have one or more large blocks of ice delivered for sculpting purposes may contact a supplier such as Business Name.

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