Uses for Sailboat Wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL

Depending on the style and size of the boats, there are multiple uses for sailboat wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Wallpaper with small sailboats in primary or pastel colors, for example, is ideal for a home nursery, a daycare center, the kids’ section of the public library, or the office of a pediatric dentist. Sold by the square-foot instead of by the yard or roll, the design is affordable and easy to place in small spaces.

Real Boating Images

Images of real sailboats or schooners are appropriate for a sporting goods store, a medical or dentist office, a boat retailer, or an office that books adventure tours. The lobby of offices that house conservative financial professionals is also a great place to depict freedom, leisure, and bold adventure to new clients. A basement or trophy room in the home of a competitive sailing enthusiasts is the perfect place for such a design.


Sailboat wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL is available in many patterns, colors, and materials. The showroom includes hundreds of options in stock, as well as examples of wallpaper that can be ordered. Metallic images, wallpaper with textures, and embossed designs are all on display. The texture of sand can accompany the image of a docked sailboat for a calm impression.

Get creative and try something unique with wallpaper. Breakup an open floor plan with a sailboat mural on a short wall and a solid color of paint on the larger walls. Panel the bottom half of the wall and use the wallpaper to draw the eye higher and make the space seem bigger.

A Final Decision

Selecting the right wallpaper among so many unique choices can be overwhelming. Customers can browse some examples of what is in stock online to get a general idea of options. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding specific images.

Before making the final decision, it is recommended that customers visit the six-thousand square-foot showroom to view choices in person. Experienced staff are present to help with selections, offer suggestions, and assist customers with keeping to any budget constraints. Many designer wallpapers must be seen to have the stunning look realized and appreciated.

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