Used Trucks Vs. SUVs in Bozeman

If you are in the market for a good vehicle, you may want to check out some late-model used trucks in Bozeman. They have much to offer. However, you could be better off with a high-quality pre-owned SUV. Which one should you buy? Here is a brief discussion on the pros and cons of each, to aid your decision.

Used Trucks in Bozeman

When you buy a pre-owned pickup, you do not pay for the first-year depreciation of a new truck (which can be significant.) A ¾ ton pickup is the best choice if you need a work vehicle for hauling or towing. For heavy-duty work, a one-ton pickup may serve you better.

In the past, many families chose SUVs over pickups because of passenger space. Yet today, many four-door pickups are available. However, with used trucks in Bozeman, you give up a few features. They may not ride as well as SUVs or match the fuel economy of SUVs. Some SUVs have two back seats and offer maximum passenger space and comfort.


Sports utility vehicles offer many options. Standard SUVs are made on pickup truck chassis to give you maximum protection from collisions. They have a smoother riding suspension. Today’s SUV has replaced the station wagon because it gives you all the benefits of a wagon and a variety of luxury features.

More Choices

There are two classes of SUVs you can explore. If you want a smoother ride and better fuel economy than an SUV, you can test drive a crossover vehicle. Crossovers have SUV bodies, but they are made on car chassis. Yet, pickup trucks have much to offer too. To learn more about your options, visit your late-model truck and SUV dealer in Montana soon. They can help you with financing and show you many selections.

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