Use These Tips to Declutter Your Student Apartments Near Ole Miss

When living in student apartments near Ole Miss, it is important to keep your space as tidy as possible. The last thing you want to do is fill your bedroom, bathroom and common areas with clutter, especially if clutter is overwhelming or distracting for you. Use the following tips to clear the clutter in your student apartment near Ole Miss.

Declutter One Area at a Time

It is best to declutter one area at a time to avoid any mix-ups or frustration. You can declutter several smaller areas in one day, or you can take a few days to declutter various areas. For example, you may want to declutter your closet one day and your bathroom the next day.

Divide Your Items Into Piles

For each area, you want to divide your items into several piles. Your piles should be designated to items you are keeping, sending home, giving away or discarding. If you are worried about getting rid of the wrong items, consider labeled boxes for each pile. You also want to put away the items you are keeping as soon as possible.

Determine What is Worth Keeping

There are several things to consider before keeping or getting rid of an item. Is it an item you would rather send home for keepsake purposes? Was it a gift with a purchase? Do you ever use, wear or think about this item? If the item is not important to you, consider donating or selling it to someone who may enjoy it.

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