Understanding Pool Resurfacing in Nassau County, NY

A pool is a great addition to any backyard. However, when it begins to show signs of aging, it may be time for pool Resurfacing in Nassau County NY. The need for this type of work may be due to discolorations in the surface, cracks or blisters. The type of work to be done will depend on the current surface of the pool as well as what the homeowner wishes to accomplish with this process. What should the pool owner know about resurfacing before any work begins?

What Exactly Is Replaced During Resurfacing?

Gunite pools typically consist of 8 to 12 inches of concrete for the pool shell. The topcoat is the final finish that is placed over this gunite and may be compromised of tile, Pebbletek, plaster or Diamond Brite. The topcoat is what will be replaced during the surfacing process.

The Steps Involved

First and foremost, a homeowner or the pool company acting on the homeowner’s behalf will need to determine if a permit is required for this task. The pool must be drained and cleaned before any work can also be done. This is when most of the work occurs. The plaster must be removed from the surface with a chisel, pick, or another tool. Once all plaster is removed, the surface is then cleaned with a wire brush to get rid of the chalky debris left behind. TSP and muriatic acid are the last product applied before resurfacing and are used to get rid of mineral deposits that remain behind. The appropriate protective gear will need to be used, as the acid is dangerous.


Next, the pool is resurfaced using the material of choice. This may be plaster, pebble, or quartz. Plaster lasts seven years on average and pebble will typically hold up for 12 years. Quartz is very stain resistant and lasts up to 15 years. Take this into consideration when choosing a resurfacing material.

Resurfacing in Nassau County NY is a time-consuming process. Consider hiring a professional to take this task on, as this ensures the job is done right in the shortest time possible. Click here for more information on this process and why it is best left to the pros.

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