Understanding Laser Cataract Removal in Honolulu

Cataracts are a condition that causes cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens. This condition is degenerative, so those who begin to develop cataracts will almost certainly become blind without adequate treatment. While cataract surgery has been around for a while, it’s only recently that the Laser Cataract Removal Honolulu eye surgeons are now performing has become popular.

What is Cataract Surgery?

When a patient goes in for cataract surgery, his or her eye surgeon will remove the affected eye’s clouded lens and replace it with a clear, artificial lens. Traditional cataract surgery required the use of a tiny blade to form one small incision at the front of the eye and another circular incision on the lens’ capsule. Surgeons then use ultrasound waves to break the lens up into very small pieces, which can be removed and replaced with a new lens.

When they perform Laser Cataract Removal Honolulu surgeons can use a laser, rather than a physical blade, to make these incisions. This crease more precise and reliable incisions, leading to more consistent patient outcomes.

Advantages of Lasers

While lasers are certainly useful in all cataract surgeries, they can be essential if the cataract is particularly dense or the surgeon finds it exceptionally difficult to create the required openings to remove it. It’s also essential for patients who require multifocal lenses and toric lenses, which are used to correct astigmatisms. In fact, lasers can also be used to correct minor astigmatisms completely, reshaping the curve of the patient’s cornea so that it functions normally.

When they undergo Laser Cataract Removal Honolulu patients can also reduce their risk of corneal swelling, due primarily to the fact that lasers require far less energy than ultrasound machines do to break up cataracts. This leads to faster healing times and better patient outcomes.

Learn More Today

While laser surgery does require a larger out-of-pocket investment because it is not usually covered under normal vision insurance, many patients find that it’s well worth the extra money. The first step for anyone interested in laser cataract surgery to take is to schedule a consultation with a surgeon who can perform the procedure. Visit Hawaii Vision Clinic in Honolulu online to get started today.

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