Types of Hydraulic Motors in Chicago

A hydraulic motor is a vital part of any hydraulic power transmission system. It is used to change hydraulic energy to mechanical energy. Depending on their particular application, hydraulic motors are more efficient, suitable, and economical as compared to the electrical or pneumatic motors. Hydraulic motors are mostly used in industrial applications including conveyors, mixers, winches, self-driven cranes, roll mills, and excavators. Here are a few commonly used Hydraulic Motors in Chicago.

Gear and vane motors

Gear and vane motors are commonly used in simple rotating systems like mobile hydraulics and agricultural systems. They require quite low initial cost and high rpm. One of the advantages of this gear is that it is less likely to breakdown than most hydraulic motors. This is as a result of the gears wearing down gradually, and reducing the efficiency of the motors at a slower rate.

Gerotor motors

Gerotor motors are generally of low to medium speed and medium to high speed. The motor is inside a rotor that rotates off center with N-teeth. A pressurized fluid is then put in the assembly using plate type valve. There are different designs of this motor that exist, like the Nicholas motors and the Geroller.

Axial plunger motors

This kind of motor is used for relatively high quality rotating systems. The machines that the motor drives often have to have a lower speed. Hence, when the axial plunger motor is used, there has to be a gearbox. It is mostly employed in hydraulic systems and is available in both fixed and variable designs.

Radial piston motors

Radial piston motors are available in pistons pushing outward, and piston pushing towards the inside. The pistons pushing inwards is older in design, but it requires high torque characteristics. These motors are mostly used for low-speed applications. They are capable of developing very high power.

It is important to choose a certified hydraulic supplier during purchase as this guarantees the best quality products. Miller Hydraulic Service Inc is a genuine company that deals in hydraulic motors and can be contacted for more information on the types of hydraulic motors.

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