Types of Electrical Services in Austin You Might Need for Your Home

Electricians perform a variety of services for homeowners that you might not realize. Keep reading to learn more about the types of electrical services in Austin that you can expect electricians to offer.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans circulate the air in your home, create a wind chill effect in the summer, and help you use your home’s HVAC more effectively. If you want to install a ceiling fan, hire an electrician to ensure it’s installed correctly.

Outdoor Lighting

Installing outdoor lights boosts your home’s curb appeal and improves its safety and security. You’ll need an electrician to install the system if you want hardwired lighting (not solar lighting). Always hire an electrician with experience in outdoor lighting installation because these jobs can be tricky. You have landscaping, buried cables, and other obstructions to consider when it comes to design and installation.

Secondary Main Panel Installation

Today’s homes require a lot of power to keep up with our technological demands. If you have an older home, you might need more power. One way to get more power is by installing a secondary main panel. This panel might control a hot tub, an addition, or a generator. Panel upgrades help you use your home’s electricity more safely and efficiently.

Do you need electrical services in Austin for your home? Whether you need an outlet installed or a circuit replaced or have questions about outdoor lighting installation, the team at TruTec Electric can help.

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