Types Of Bowling Green KY Access Control Systems And Their Benefits

When you need security gates and fencing, Bowling Green KY Access Control systems will offer protection without compromising the appearance of your property. These security systems are widely used to protect the safety and privacy of apartment complexes, gated communities, private membership clubs and office buildings. Below you’ll discover more information about how these systems work and their benefits.

Q.) What types of access control systems are available and how do they work?

A.) The two most widely used types are swinging or horizontal gate systems. A swinging gate system is comprised of two gates that swing open simultaneously to allow entrance on the property. A horizontal system has one gate that slides open for access. A speed bump and a swing arm can be installed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering by tailgating and driving in at the same time as an authorized user. Access can be controlled by using a keypad system or a programmable card. With the keypad system, a numeric code is entered into the keypad for entry. When using a programmable card, each allowed person is given a pre-programmed card that is inserted into the control box to open the gate.

Q.) What are the benefits of Bowling Green KY Access Control systems?

A.) People who live in a gated community or apartment complex feel safer when there are restrictions on who can enter the property. Security gates and fencing can keep would be thieves off of the property. While a thief might be able to get in on foot by climbing the fence, there isn’t fast access out of the property if needed and the criminal will be trapped inside with no way to escape. Employees also feel safer with an access controlled workplace because there isn’t the fear of an unauthorized person waiting in the parking lot in the dark or after hours. Employers benefit by being able to monitor the times of employees entering and leaving the premises.

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